Art 110-Melissa Passarelli

Wk15 – Finger Painting – Melissa Passarelli


This activity was fun because there was no specific theme to paint about and I found it to be easier than I expected because I just painted what I was feeling while listening to J cole’s new album, 4 your eyez only, which it why I think it came out darker than expected. I think painting this was liberating and inspiring because I felt like I was venting about anything what I wanted. I think Graffiti Writing is similar to this activity because you can do it in your own way and they are different because finger painting is hands on while Graffiti Writing is through a spray paint.


Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Amy Duran



Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibition: Love houses

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: Gatov East and West

Website: N/A

Instagram: polkadot.pony

About the Artist

Amy Duran transferred from Cypress College and is currently an undergraduate in California state University Long Beach while working on her Bachelors in Ceramics while planing to graduate next semester. Duran does not plan to go to graduate school but rather get an intern with PIXAR because she would love to work with motion pictures. Some of her interests is cake decorating which is why she decorates her objects like if it were a cake and sculpting which we can notice based on her gallery.

Formal Analysis

Amy Duran’s gallery contained so much art that it looked like a small museum in my opinion. On my right I saw different handmade objects that can be used in the restroom as well as the kitchen as a decorator. They were blue/green and had the theme of a turtle. As you keep walking down, you can see the beautiful handmade vases that had white flowers around them. Her gallery was divided into sections while the opposite side had winter decorations. An example were the snowflakes that had glitter on them as well as a Christmas tree ornaments.

Content Analysis

Amy Duran worked with another artist to create this gallery named Luis Casas. Luis Casas made the vases while Amy Duran decorated them in her own style. Duran included the flowers made by a piping style that is seen on cakes as well. Duran wanted her audience to create their own stories by viewing her art so she used different animated characters in order to tell a story.

Synthesis/My Experience

What really caught my attention in this gallery was the diversity and the stories that it contained. Amy Duran and Luis Casas art showed how much time and effort was put into it and I believe they will go far in their art careers.

EC: Your Feedback -Melissa Passarelli

This class was different from any class I have taken so far. One of my favorite activities was the Plaster Casting activity because I got to experience something different while being at the beach. At first I was skeptical because I thought it was going to be so hard but it turned out fun and it is something I would do again. Another activity I enjoyed was the Zines and Flip Books because I always wanted to do one and it was fun to draw and color a continuous pattern and see how it turned out in the end. The third activity I enjoyed was the Sketching in the Garden because I liked how we spent class in the garden and I have never been in the Japanese Garden so I think it’s great for people who never thought of going to the garden before. One of my least favorite activity was the Vlogs because I wasn’t really comfortable talking in a camera by myself. Another least favorite activity was the art care package because It took a while to find the correct address to send and didn’t know how the receiver would react. The last least favorite activity was the Instagram activity because by uploading pictures throughout our day, it would mostly be csulb which it was and may have been pictures from the past instead of the actual day. I like the Hybrid format because we were able to communicate with others online as well. I enjoyed the Artist Conversations the most because I really liked the galleries that the artist created and I enjoyed learning the background of those artists. I also liked the weekly blog posts from you because It helped me a lot to have details of the assignments as well as examples from others. The WordPress website and the art talk of the week was really helpful because in the WordPress website we can organize what we turned in and the art talk showed me a lot of different artist and their art while interacting with others in the class in a useful interactive discussion space.

EC: Professional Portfolio




The first thing I changed was my background picture to a traveling theme because I think it defines what I want for the future which is to travel the world. The second thing I changed was my bio by changing it in a complex professional way instead. One of my goals was to find a job that could get me enough experience in my major field, psychology. The job that I now obtain is in Molina Health Care center which is why I included a website to the company so that anyone interested could visit the company. Another goal of mine was to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle. I have been working out for a while now and been eating healthy thanks to a personal trainer that helped me with my goal. For this reason, I included the website for the trainer and her healthy book that has helped me and it is part of my life because I am passionate about having a healthy life. In the future, I would like to include a career that I hope to attain in the future and I would also like to include a link to my pictures with children that I hope to help as a psychologist. In my career, I would want to be close to my clients enough to have pictures with them which I would like to include in my portfolio for others to see.

Wk14 – Instagram – Melissa Passarelli

For this activity, I posted three pictures that include my dog, csulb, and a zero express drink. By looking at the “Group Portrait”, I noticed that many posted similar pictures. I see connections with my own activities with many others as they also uploaded images of food, their pets, and either a csulb classroom or any where in csulb. An example of a connection that surprised me the most are images of pets like the images above because it shows that many of us appreciate their pets enough to post them and demonstrates that the classes are like a community and connected lives.

Wk12- Artist Conversation – Sage Garver

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: Bio

Media: Sculpture

 Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: N/A

Website: N/A

About the Artist

Sage Garver is from Hermosa, CA and is currently trying to get her Bachelor of Fine Art in sculpture at California State Long Beach and is her last semester. She has always wanted to pursue a career in the art field. Her first choice was Studio art but decided to major in sculpture instead due to her enjoying and being interested in sculpture more than studio art. She was not planning to major in sculpture so one semester she decided to register for a sculpting class for a requirement and ended up loving it.

Formal Analysis

The main piece in her art piece was in the center of the gallery due to being the only colored object in her art. This piece looked like a chandelier because of the gold chains that were hanging from a silver circled object that was in the middle. Hanging from the gold chains was a gold fork which was interesting. The gallery also had patterns and circles on the walls that were white, the same color as the walls.

Content Analysis

Sage Garver’s main focus for her art piece is to resemble the inside of a person’s body. She used biology in order for her audience to get a better idea and so it could resemble enough to cells and a body. The silver circled object in the middle resembles the nucleus and the gold chains resemble the nutrients and food that a person can eat which is why there is a fork attached to the chains. She explained that the reason behind her white shapes and patterns on the white walls is to resemble her illnesses that she experienced in which they come from the inside of the body and the malfunctioning that her body experiences.

Synthesis/My Experience

I chose to interview Sage Garver because I read her artist statement prior to interviewing her and I loved how she did her art gallery by using her experiences and personal life. I thought her art gallery was unique and different because when I walked in her gallery, I did not know what she was portraying to her audience so I wanted to find out about her art. The main reason I really liked this gallery was due to Garver’s experiences and how she was not afraid to share that with others.

Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – David Lai

For week 11, I met David Lai. We took a picture together but unfortunately I had to switch my phone because my old phone cracked and stopped working so since the picture was recent, it was not backed up on my icloud so it deleted. For the question of the week, we were both unfamiliar with the story of Demi Lovato so we read about it in the article that was given and we both disagreed with Demi’s actions toward the fan art. David Lai believes that fan art is created with creativity and it should be appreciated for the time that they took to do the art. He said that he thinks that Demi was wrong because someone who made the art was a fan who looked up to her enough to take the time and effort to draw her as a mermaid which he saw as a mythological creature of beauty.

Wk11 – Artist Conversation – Caryn Aasness

IMG_1014 (1).jpg

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Fabric

Gallery: Dr.Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: levelyellowproblemchild

About the Artist

Caryn Aasness is a senior in California State Long Beach. It is her fourth year as csulb while working to get her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Caryn Aasness has always been interested in textiles which is why she started to action and start learning how to weave. She starting weaving two years ago and has now been creating various art pieces made of fabric.

Formal Analysis

Caryn Aasness’s gallery consisted of different colorful art pieces that were hanged all around the walls. The art pieces seemed to be blankets made of fabric that she had created through weaving. They all had color patterns that were an inch that represented a letter in the alphabet. Each blanket in the gallery had different meanings due to the colors that were included as well as a paper next to them in order to figure out the message for each one. The main art piece had its own wall that stated, “To call something cute is to misunderstand.”

Content Analysis

In Caryn Aasness’s gallery, her art had a goal to send a message to individual’s. In order to figure out the meanings, we had to decode it with the paper that was placed next to the pieces that she created. Aasness stated that the symbol for figuring them out like a puzzle is to show that people do not have to be like everyone else and have the freedom to be and do what they want which the “puzzle” represents. She created it like a puzzle to show that “up can be down and right can be left.” Her main art piece that contains the quote portrays a message that her gallery is more than just weaving and fabric.

My Experience

This gallery caught my attention due to the colors that were used and the fabric made it different from the other galleries. I really liked how much Caryn Aasness’s passion for art showed by interviewing her. The amount of time that she took for each art piece in her gallery shows just how much dedication she has for her art. In my opinion, passion and dedication for an individual’s art are one of the most important aspects that are needed in order to succeed in the art field.

Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Tony Nguyen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Exhibition: Neoteny

Media: Metal

Gallery: Merlino Gallery


Instagram: ell_tigre

About the Artist

Tony Nguyen is an undergraduate student at CSULB where he has been a student for five and half years. In the beginning, he wanted to major in drawing and painting but he realized how much work it was so he decided to go into metal where he knew that it was perfect for him. Tony’s goal is to become a professor after getting his doctorate in San Diego State where he plans on applying to later in the future.

Formal Analysis

His gallery contains 15 pieces that took him about two years and a half to complete. All of the pieces contained in the gallery are made up of metal where he emphasizes on the details that are put into each piece. A major display is the bubble gum machine that was filled with different colored lids. The fascinating pieces in his gallery is that many do not look like metal but it is in fact metal. A piece in his gallery was a garden that had look alike of weed. Each of his pieces signifies a specific person, place or thing while being used in different colors.

Content Analysis

Tony’s gallery mostly represents stories and people of his childhood. He stated that he felt that he need his art to signify experiences or people in order for his art to tell a story and have a significance on people as well. In the interview, Tony really went into detail about the jewelry bridge. It symbolizes a bridge that his mother had to passed through in order to escape the Vietnam war. The bubble gum machine in his gallery demonstrates the past and our experiences as being a child while bringing back memories through his art.

Synthesis/My Experience

I chose to interview Tony Nguyen because I liked what his goal was for his art and he knew what he wanted his audience to experience and feel. The bubble gum machine really caught my attention because I thought it was really creative and brought back memories that we have forgotten about our childhood. I think it is important for us to look back at times and think about our childhood and our memories as being a child and I think this gallery did it’s job.

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