For my Art Care Package, I decided to send it to my cousin in Riverside because we have always been so close in the past but since the last 5 years we have only seen each other once because we live far away from eachother and our families do not hang out as much as before. I decided to send photos that my family and I took when we went on vacation to Cancun. I decided to send those pictures because my cousin and her family do not really go out of town at all so I wanted her to see how cool it is to meet different places around the world.

  1. Sending an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat because both of them are sharing things with another person.
  2. Sending an ACP is different from sending someone a snapchat because an ACP contains more work that is put into it than a snapchat.
  3. I think ephemera is cool and different because it gains value over time and you will be able to look back and remember someone who sent you something that you still have today.
  4. There is a difference of how people see art so maybe someone can see a persons art that was sent as not cool or interesting while other people see it as cool and fun.
  5. The time that the person will eventually get the ACP shows just how much effort people are willing to do in order for another person to receive the ACP and enjoy it. An ACP is much slower than a snapchat which can be a good thing because it will be worth it and the person receiving it will be surprised that it was sent and the time that it took to send will be more meaningful to them. A snapchat is much faster than a ACP which can be better because there are less chances of getting lost and can be seen at the exact moment that you send it so they can experience what you’re feeling at the same time.
  6. Preparing a meal with love from a McDonald’s drive thru is not “preparing a meal with love” because they give the food really fast and sometimes it is already prepared that it doesn’t mean the same as actually cooking and preparing a mean for someone. Similar to an ACP, sending a snapchat does not have the same love as sending an ACP because and ACP contains more time and effort and that’s all that matters.