The first thing I changed was my background picture to a traveling theme because I think it defines what I want for the future which is to travel the world. The second thing I changed was my bio by changing it in a complex professional way instead. One of my goals was to find a job that could get me enough experience in my major field, psychology. The job that I now obtain is in Molina Health Care center which is why I included a website to the company so that anyone interested could visit the company. Another goal of mine was to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle. I have been working out for a while now and been eating healthy thanks to a personal trainer that helped me with my goal. For this reason, I included the website for the trainer and her healthy book that has helped me and it is part of my life because I am passionate about having a healthy life. In the future, I would like to include a career that I hope to attain in the future and I would also like to include a link to my pictures with children that I hope to help as a psychologist. In my career, I would want to be close to my clients enough to have pictures with them which I would like to include in my portfolio for others to see.