This class was different from any class I have taken so far. One of my favorite activities was the Plaster Casting activity because I got to experience something different while being at the beach. At first I was skeptical because I thought it was going to be so hard but it turned out fun and it is something I would do again. Another activity I enjoyed was the Zines and Flip Books because I always wanted to do one and it was fun to draw and color a continuous pattern and see how it turned out in the end. The third activity I enjoyed was the Sketching in the Garden because I liked how we spent class in the garden and I have never been in the Japanese Garden so I think it’s great for people who never thought of going to the garden before. One of my least favorite activity was the Vlogs because I wasn’t really comfortable talking in a camera by myself. Another least favorite activity was the art care package because It took a while to find the correct address to send and didn’t know how the receiver would react. The last least favorite activity was the Instagram activity because by uploading pictures throughout our day, it would mostly be csulb which it was and may have been pictures from the past instead of the actual day. I like the Hybrid format because we were able to communicate with others online as well. I enjoyed the Artist Conversations the most because I really liked the galleries that the artist created and I enjoyed learning the background of those artists. I also liked the weekly blog posts from you because It helped me a lot to have details of the assignments as well as examples from others. The WordPress website and the art talk of the week was really helpful because in the WordPress website we can organize what we turned in and the art talk showed me a lot of different artist and their art while interacting with others in the class in a useful interactive discussion space.